The Space is a place of experimentation and research. Six months ago, 10 people from different backgrounds and unknown to each other,  got casually together to fix an old, anti-squat apartment within the artist community “IJzerblok”. Two months after, the apartment was already a “commons” shared by the neighborhood, artists, university students and other creative Rotterdammers. In its rooms and inner garden, people got together to investigate concepts like open-source management, alternative community and business design and to create and test open-source/co-created tools for collaboration and digital innovation. 

In only six months, The Space saw the inception of the following initiatives and cultural products: “Stories Rotterdam”, “Art nights” by the talented Maria Fraaije, the “Subsidies Workshop”  by Emma Laurens, the research project of the immersive theater company “Meander”, the development of a play about Rotterdam’s gentrification by “De Trasmissie” and the co-creation of the hyper-local network “Coolhaven Connect” to connect creative people and organizations on Coolhaveneiland. More has been done and more is happening in our rooms. 

At The Space we informally and creatively test things out!